6 months free Microsoft Teams

Now that COVID-19 continues to influence people and countries around the world, the government’s advice is to work from home as much as possible. Many organizations, like License Consult (LCxp), take this advice seriously. This raises many questions among both employees and organisations. At the moment we are one week away and organisations and employees are experiencing the necessary measures. How do you work together optimally from home and which software should I have at my disposal?

Microsoft Teams for free – nice gesture or or are we stuck with something?

As an independent consultant in the field of software licensing, we have the answer to these questions. Microsoft offers organizations during the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus free Office 365 package, Teams is part of Office 365. If your organization has a license for this, then you are able to use Teams. Otherwise you can use the Office E1 triallicense for 6 months for free to be able to work productively from home.

After 6 months

Microsoft says: “If the E1 trial license ends and a user is not immediately upgraded to a subscription with teams, the user data will not be deleted. The user still exists in Azure Active Directory and all data within Teams is retained. Once a new license is assigned to the user to enable the Team functionality again, all content will remain in place”.

This means that after the 6 months you are not attached to Microsoft office 365, if you want to continue with it you can upgrade it. But don’t you pay too much for what you use? Or would it be better to buy an office 365 F1 license after 6 months? (Which is half cheaper than E1). Let LCxp as an independent advisor help you with this!

Why to work with us

At LCxp we understand that budgets and resources are under pressure, so we can come up with flexible solutions to alleviate these pain points! Our raison d’être has more than proved itself. In times of economic recession and also when the weather is better. In both cases we as LCxp are used to keep a critical eye on the investment, why spend more than necessary? We can provide organisations with a number of creative solutions.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions, isn’t your question listed? Mail to info@lcxp.de and our experts will answer it.


What happens when a person signs up with work or references?

If the person is licensed for Teams, he/she will be logged into the product. If the person is not licensed for Teams, he/she will be logged into the product and will automatically receive a free license from Teams valid until January 2021. This includes video conferencing for up to 250 participants and Live Events for up to 10,000, recording and sharing the screen, along with chatting and collaboration.

What does the free version of Teams include?

This version gives you unlimited chat, built-in group and one-to-one audio or video calling, 10 GB of team file storage, and 2 GB of personal file storage per user. You also get real-time collaboration with Office apps for the web, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Can I schedule meetings in the free version?

In the future we will make it possible for users to schedule meetings. In the meantime, you will be able to schedule makeshift video meetings and conversations.

What license do I need to start with Microsoft Teams?

Due to the Coronavirus, Microsoft is now temporarily offering a 6 month free trial for Office 365 E1, including Microsoft Teams.